Winter 2014
Lärabar launches Chocolate Brownie
Winter 2013
Lärabar launches our first-ever bar with added protein
Winter 2011
Lärabar launches Blueberry
Spring 2009
Larabar launches 2 new flavours : Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Spring 2007
Larabar launches 2 new flavours: Coconut Cream and Peanut Butter!
Winter 2004
Lester, our lovable yellow Labrador, arrives and becomes headquarter's mascot
Spring 2004
Our one-year anniversary. Celebrated by one-million bars sold. Cool!
Fall 2003
Larabar assembles its first team-a chef, an artist, a USC volleyball player, an actor, a junkyard owner, two canines and a Calvin Klein model. Can you guess who's who?
Spring 2003
April 14, 2003: Day One in stores! Larabar hits the floor running and it's been full-steam ahead ever since. The media gets excited about Larabar. From TV news to daily papers to national magazines, the word is out!
Winter 2002
The Larabar look - clean, colorful, captivating - sprang to life
Spring 2001
We considered many names, but everyone kept asking for "Lara's Bars,"
so it was only natural to settle on Larabar.
Fall 2000
Friends participated in early taste tests and focus groups.
Their payment? More Larabars, of course!
Summer 2000
The recipes were first developed in Lara's kitchen.
A food processor was responsible for making the first bars!
Spring 2000
Inspiration for LÄRABAR struck during a hike in the Rocky Mountains. It was a 10,000-foot idea.